Outdoor Grilling Accounts for 10,000 Fires Annually in Texas. 

Learn How to Stay Safe


Precaution while Outdoor BBQ Grills

- Set up the Grill in an Open   Outdoor Area  –Place a fire extinguisher   next to you as you start   grilling. -Don’t leave a grill   unattended 

Drought Leading to Grass &Wildfire

-Avoid burning trash in windy weather  -Never burn trash too close your house  -Throw out dried leaves from your garage.

What To Do During a Wildfire Outbreak ?

- Open up the sprinklers,   Prepare an emergency   evacuation  Turn off your gas    immediately. - Open up the sprinklers on   your lawn and hose your   roof 

Safety Precaution while using Electric Equipments

- Keep fire extinguishers   close, -Install smoke alarms - Never fuel your   lawnmower while machine   is hot. - Inspect the wires and   cables of electrical   devices