Top Five Things to Look for in Commercial Warehouse or Storage Facilities in Dallas

As a business owner, you’re always on the lookout for ways to maximize profitability and success while making business decisions that will improve the overall quality of life at your company. Oftentimes, those decisions could include downsizing the amount of space your company needs to operate due to an increase in rental space expenses or the small number of employees working in-house. Instead of moving your operations or renting a more expensive property to accommodate these factors, consider a commercial storage unit. However, before you decide on commercial storage, take a look at these top five considerations when researching potential storage facilities.

Top Five Things to Look for in Commercial Warehouse or Storage Facilities in DallasFlexibility

Commercial storage is generally very flexible, with no long-term commitments that lock you into contracts you can’t terminate without extra costs. Many facilities offering the chance to increase or decrease storage space on short notice, don’t require long-term contracts to do so. That said, you can use a commercial storage unit when you need it, instead of being stuck with storage space that doesn’t fit your needs.

Additional Security

Security is one of the biggest concerns for businesses looking to invest in commercial storage space. Deciding whether storage is the right fit means considering the level of security provided at the storage facility because many customers worry about how secure their possessions are and if the facility they’ve employed is trustworthy. Reputable commercial storage facilities will have modern security capabilities, including CCTV and keypad locks.

Climate-Controlled Environment

When considering commercial storage, research facilities that provide climate-controlled space as well as containerized storage. Climate-controlled facilities are easily one of the best ways to store bulky and delicate items such as printers, copiers, computers, desks, and chairs. Likewise, old furniture may need to be removed from your office space, but sell of the items may have to wait. In the meantime, these items can go into commercial storage and avoid any damage before the sale.


Unfortunately, warehouse or storage space can be expensive. Affordability is one of the most important aspects customers should consider when choosing a commercial storage facility. It’s never a good idea to overextend your finances when it comes to storing your business possessions. Speak with your commercial storage facility and inquire about any discounts or specials they’re running to help save on costs.


Growth is the main goal for all businesses. When your business grows, profits grow, your customer base grows, your staff grows, and your inventory grows, too. Thus, the need for more space may become a concern as the demand for your products increases. You must have a place to keep products until they ship to customers if your office space isn’t equipped to do so. This is where a commercial storage space will come in handy. Make sure you don’t get locked into a long-term contract or end up with an overabundance of storage or warehouse space. Closely analyze your potential for growth to ensure you make a storage decision that is still within your budget.

Let MoveStar Support You with Commercial Storage

Conveniently located near the Galleria mall, MoveStar’s commercial storage facility offers customers 30,000 square feet of clean, flexible, and secure storage in a climate-controlled environment. Contact us today for more information about what MoveStar can offer to satisfy your commercial storage needs.


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