Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Your Office

Top 6 mistakes to avoid when moving your officeOffice relocation is never a pleasant task. Unfortunately, poor planning can worsen the situation. You will not only disrupt the regular office operations, but you will also face opposition from your staff and business partners.

Although you may not foresee all the potential errors, it is important to coordinate with your team and professional movers from reputable moving companies such as MoveStar to ensure a seamless office relocation experience. If you fail to prepare a checklist and a plan to follow, the risk of costly office moving mistakes increases—remember, pre-work such as taking inventory remains as essential as loading and offloading office items on the actual moving day. To free yourself from unnecessary cost, office disruptions, and related stress, you can avoid the following common moving mistakes.

Not Taking Inventory

Inventory is a crucial pre-moving activity that lets you know if something got lost or damaged. Most people often fail to take inventory before moving because of poor organization in the office. However, determining total inventory remains easy if your company records all your office supplies. Although most top-rated companies provide you with public liability insurance, taking inventory can help keep track of your items in case of damage or theft while on transit.

Inadequate Planning

Having a specific plan can help you move effectively. You want a seamless office move that stays within your budget. Prepare a plan that includes important details such as timelines ahead of the move. Simply calling a moving and throwing your office equipment into the moving truck is not enough. A specific plan will allow you to know the items that will fit in the new office, things you should transport first, and how to move IT equipment.

Ignoring Complication Associated with Moving IT Equipment

IT relocation during your office move should remain a priority to minimize the risk of data loss, downtime, and equipment damage. Most skilled office equipment movers such as MoveStar have IT technicians that can help you survey your IT equipment, backup your data, and provide you with the proper disconnect and reconnect services. The most common key IT equipment includes computers and servers.

Underestimating the Number of Office Items to Move

Whenever you plan to move your office, ensure you have a correct estimate to avoid last-minute challenges such as a small number of trucks, less workforce, and few packaging boxes. Talk to a professional from a moving company to help you with noteworthy tips to avoid making this mistake. You can request a free estimate and checklist to allow you to assess your relocation requirements for a flawless move.

Relocating Useless Junk

Most people often carry old office furniture, packing boxes, and obsolete technology hardware. Such useless junk translates to increased costs due to more truck loads. Leverage this opportunity to get rid of items you do not need in your new office to save your money. Keeping junk also leads to an extended relocation time and increased loading and unloading of human resources. Toss or shred old documents before the movers arrive.

Not hiring a pro

Sometimes you may hire freelance movers instead of a professional company to save time and cost. However, not hiring a pro exposes movers that lack professional equipment and experience handling your office equipment. Instead, a professional moving company offers expert furniture repair, packing services, professional cleaning you need for your new office.

On the Bottom Line: Hire MoveStar to Make Your Office Move Stress-Free Today!

So, there you have some of the top six mistakes you should avoid as you plan to relocate your office. Get in touch with professional, knowledgeable, and experienced handlers that will help you from preplanning to relocation on your move day. MoveStar offers you the best commercial moving services for your office relocation better than you expect.


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