Crash! Oops! Tips for Packing Your Dishes and Glassware so They Arrive Intact

Tips for packing your dishes and glassware so they arrive intact

One of the worst experiences you can have after a move is discovering your glassware is shattered, especially valuable item like fine china or dining sets passed down from your relatives. This is exactly the sort of thing you want to avoid after the stress of relocating. Moving companies in Allen and professional movers in Plano typically are experienced with packing breakables, so you may want to leave it to the professionals. If you prefer to do it yourself, here are some tips for packing your dishes and glassware you should follow to avoid similar disasters.

1. Pick the right box for the job

Kitchen dish barrel boxes have reinforced sides and are ideal for packing breakables. If you decide to go this route, MoveStar can provide them. It’s okay to use regular boxes as long as they aren’t too large and are in good condition. Just make sure to use extra packaging materials for protection.

2. Use appropriate packing materials

Packing paper is the most effective option. Bubble wrap is the first thing most people consider for packing breakables, but it’s bulky, reducing your available packing space, and is less flexible and more expensive than paper. Crumpling packing paper creates air pockets that will protect your fragile items. Although it’s messy, you can also use newspaper.

3. Prepare the box.

Tape the flaps at the bottom of the box along the seam a few times with the ends going about a third away up the side, add more tape going the other direction to form an “x”, then add more tape across the ends If you’re using tall barrel boxes, temporarily taping down the flaps makes access easier. Place three inches or more of crumpled packing paper at the bottom of the box.

4. Wrap and pack glassware carefully

Start with the heaviest items, usually plates. Wrap each plate then place it at the bottom vertically. When you’ve finished a layer, stuff crumpled paper around the sides and on top. For bowls, start with a corner on the inside, then wrap the paper around the rest of it. Glasses are the most fragile items, so pack them last. Put crumpled paper inside of glasses and wrap each one individually Double-wrap the most delicate items like stemware. When you complete each layer, make sure everything is tightly packed, adding balls of crumpled paper around the edges as necessary. After you’ve packed each box, add a layer of crumpled paper to the top. Check to make sure everything is secure and there’s no movement when you shake the box before sealing it

5. Label the box appropriately

Marking boxes “fragile” in big letters and indicating the room where they’ll go helps the movers know how to stack your boxes in the truck and where to place them when they reach their destination. It also helps you unpack efficiently.

Following these steps will help ensure that grandma’s fine china will be there for your next Thanksgiving. Remember to ask your moving company of choice, whether moving companies in Allen or professional movers in Plano to help you if necessary.

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