3 Tips for Parents when Moving with Kids

Let’s face it: Moving is Stressful. Children feel the most stress when an inevitable move knocks at their door. Yes, moving with kids is stressful for everyone, but it is more stressful for kids than adults, even if you don’t realize it. There are three steps we recommend to help you make this life event better for you and your child.

  1. Talk to Your Kids
  2. Arrange Moving Day Childcare
  3. Release Control

Talk to Your Kids

Parents and children playing with moving boxesMoving with kids can be stressful for parents and caregivers, and any move can bring stress and anxiety to a child. But moving towns or a move requiring a change of schools can have a lifelong effect on kids.

Students move in and out of the classroom every year. And every year, teachers see students shed tears over missing friends or the sheer panic of walking into a new classroom. However, you can make moving with kids easier on yourself and your children by simply talking to them.

Here are a few things you can talk to your child about or show your child when preparing for your move.

Their New School

Visit the website of your child’s new school, if possible. Tour the school in person before the first day of school. Many counselors are more than happy to accommodate parents moving with their kids, thrilled in fact. A great counselor will show students around the building and even introduce them to a few students. Talk to your child before and after your visit. It will be helpful to reassure them they will always be enough, and they have a family who loves them.

The New Neighborhood

If your children can’t physically visit your new neighborhood with you, let them do a virtual tour on Google Maps or Geoguessr. On this really cool website you can discover worldwide cities to explore. Talk to your child about exciting places to visit and sights to see in the area.

Why, Why, Why

So often, our children are like little Energizer Bunnies that keep on and on with the “why” questions. We often don’t take the time to explain why, but when moving to a new environment, it is vital to stop and explain why. Easing your child’s anxiety will be a huge help to make a move a little easier emotionally if you simply explain the move to them multiple times if needed.

Reassure Them

Reassurance goes a long way with kids. Tell them you love them, and if their structure and routine stay the same, tell them that too. Tell them you will still be there for them, along with their siblings, if they have any. Also, don’t forget, if you have a pet, remind your child your pet will be going with you to your new home. That can be a challenge too, here is a link to helpful tips for moving pets.

Arrange Childcare or a Day with Friends on the Day of the Big Move

Save your sanity! If at all possible, arrange childcare on the big day of the move. Moving with children is difficult, don’t make it any more difficult on yourself by having your little ones running around. You will thank yourself when your child is not screaming, and you are pulling your hair out at the end of your long day.

Release Control

Take a deep breath. It may be hard to release control in stressful moving situations, especially when moving with children, but remember your child is moving away from their “normal”. Sometimes, simple things like deciding where to put their bed or how to decorate their room could relieve a little anxiety.

Decorating their space, picking out new bedding (if the budget allows), and even placing their toys in their new room could give your child ownership over their new space. It might just give them a boost in confidence too. In addition, this simple yet preventative step could result in a child who is not as stressed and anxious.

No doubt about it, moves are hard! But, moving with children is harder! So, consider these three steps when preparing for your move or thinking about a move. As adults, we are rational thinkers, most of the time, but our children process things differently. These few extra steps will make your life (and sanity) and your child’s emotional health less anxious. If you need any help to plan for your move or someone to take care of the heavy lifting on moving day, contact MoveStar.


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