5 Tips for Moving in the Winter from DFW Professional Movers to Warm Up Your Move.

Though the coldest time of the year is approaching, bringing freezing temperatures and snow, your move should not need to be put on hold! Movestar’s movers, who are off-duty firefighters in the DFW area, have come up with five great tips to help keep your move from freezing this winter:

5 tips for moving in the winter

1. Keep an eye on weather forecasts

Don’t let the cold keep you from enjoying your new home! Before the move, check the weather every week and then daily leading up to the day of the move. If you see any sign of concern, whether road closure or harsh driving conditions, don’t hesitate to call Movestar, and we can help with plenty of options for moving into DFW.

2. Assure pathways are clear and safe to move around
Ice and sleet can make for a slippery passageway in and out of your moving sites. These conditions can also slow down your move if not taken care of. Clearing snow out of the driveways, sidewalks and street can ensure that your move is as safe and efficient as possible for our Movestar movers. Using salt, a snow blow, or a shovel can ensure that your belongings are protected, and can save you more than you might think!

3. Prevent damage to your floors by keeping them covered
Moving in freezing conditions can leave your floors in a mess due to dirt being tracked in with the snow. To protect your floors from damage and a long clean up, our Movestar movers can provide you with tarps, and other means of protection to prevent stains or even damages. Our Movestar movers will make sure that your floors and entryways are covered, ensuring for an easy move.

4. Fragile items should be packed tightly and secured
Cold weather and fragile items are not a good mix! As the freezing temperatures can make your precious antiques even more breakable, the best way to prevent this is to make sure that all fragile items are double packaged or wrapped. If you are concerned about the best way to package a precious item, our Movestar packing team can be just what you need!

5. Keep blankets and sheets on hand
While most items can be boxed, certain bigger items are loaded into the truck without coverings. During the packing process, it’s important to keep in mind that snow is a strong possibility. Covering large furniture pieces in blankets or sheets can help them be protected, and make it easier to move, and keep you covered if the weather changes. Movestar movers are more than happy to help move your belongings in the DFW area, whether rain or shine, this winter.

Moving in the wintertime should not be a cold burden to deal with! For more information, tips and quotes, for moving to the DFW area contact, Movestar Inc at tel:972-716-9911 or email us at email:sales@movestarinc.com

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