The “No More Tears” Method to a Successful Home Move

Moving to a new home or a bigger one is always exciting. However, the daunting task of moving stuff to and from the homes can kill that excitement. Moving homes can get so overwhelming that some homeowners may feel like crying. If you are about to move and don’t want to “kill the buzz” by tiring yourself out, we’ve put together a few “no more tears” ideas for a successful home move.

A person putting objects wrapped in packing paper into a cartonDismantle and De-Clutter Beforehand

This is the most essential step to make your house move as smooth as possible. One week before the actual date of moving, you should start gradually dismantling all the heavy fixtures in the home. We all think that dismantling a bed won’t take more than a couple of minutes. But in reality, a sturdy wooden bed can eat up an hour or so.

Also, you can de-clutter chests, cupboards, and other storage areas in advance. During the dismantling and de-cluttering process, you may have to limit yourself and your family to a single room. However, it is better than frantically working on it the night before moving.

Move Your Precious Belonging to Someone Trusted

In the mayhem of house moving, we often get careless about our small yet precious belongings. If you have jewelry, art and other precious items with high sentimental value in the house, temporarily give them to a friend or family member you trust. This preemptive step will save you from losing a precious item during the move.

Give each room a color coded label

This is a very simple concept that we like to tell people about. You simply get different colors of tape, or even several pieces of colored paper and just stick a piece of paper or tape on each side of the box. Then when you move, just tell your movers which colors go where, or stick that color on the door of the room in which they go. Just make sure you don’t mix your bedroom stuff with your kitchen items. Even if there is extra room in the box, don’t mix things. It will save you time and headaches.

Send out notices before you’re stressed

You may think you have got it all under control and then, oh no, I have not forwarded the mail, I haven’t told my grandma my new address, or I need to get my cable installed. Make a list of who you need to notify when you move. Get those lose ends listed on a checklist and work your way through them. When the time comes, and the list is ready, be prepared to make some phone calls or send emails. Making that list in advance and setting it up as a task for yourself in your calendar, makes you less likely to forget anyone or anything.

Sign and Work with Professional Movers you Trust

You can certainly move your house on your own, acquiring boxes, throwing out your back, scuffing up your walls and rush to get that moving van back to the rental place. But is that really worth the hassle, time and physical toil to do all that. Professional movers are trained experts with all the equipment and supplies you could possible need, and they can take care of these things in a single day for which you may need instead of the 3-4 days needed to do it yourself.

There are so many more things we can tell you and subscribing to our blog and social media can help you get even more ideas as we publish them. But, if you want the least stressful way to move, then a professional mover will make sure you can move your home without pulling out your hair.

If you are moving your residence within the Dallas area and want to keep it “tear-free,” get a complimentary, no-obligation quote from MoveStar.


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