How to Start Packing for a Move Early Without Disrupting my Life?

How to start packing for a move early without disrupting my lifeMoving ranks high up on the list of stressful experiences. If you plan to relocate to a new home, then here are a few things you can do to prepare without disrupting your life—at least not yet.

Have a plan

Be strategic about the move. Don’t just pack haphazardly, with little to no thought on where to start or what to do. Start working on a calendar. Do a bit of research so you’ll know what you need to do, which companies you need to talk to and what tasks or deadlines you should accomplish before moving day. By lining up those tasks, you’ll know what to do.

Get rid of the clutter

Go over your belongings. Sort through them for the items you want to keep, toss or give away. If you have a lot of items you want to unload, you may want to hold a garage sale. Make sure you do the event well before the move to give you enough time to deal with anything else that may be left behind.

Hire packing assistance

There’s never enough time. That’s why it’s wise to start early. If you have little time enough to spare on packing belongings, though, as you have your hands full dealing with the move, then hire a moving service that provides packing assistance. With pros to put your items into crates or boxes and seal them up, you can rest easy, knowing that they’ll be safe during the move.

Create an inventory

Make a list of every item that you’ll ask the movers to transport. The movers should have a list as well. Check that list against yours to see if they’re missing any items. Once the crew starts unloading the boxes, crates or furniture, check to make sure every single item on the list is accounted for.

Pick a good team

Find a reputable moving crew to help you. That should make for a less-stressful moving experience for you. If you want to start preparing for the move, contact MoveStar to learn more about the options that you can go for.


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