How Can White Glove Movers Help You?

white-glove-luxuryThe time has come for you to change residences—it’s time to move! Perhaps you have moved a few different times in your life, or maybe this is the first major move you’ve undertaken on your own. No matter your past situation, it’s likely that the details associated with a move are starting to seem endless for you. How will all my stuff get packed? Who will put it on the truck and then get the truck where it needs to go? What about all the extra stuff in the storage unit down the street?

Now is the time to start thinking about hiring a white glove moving service to handle your upcoming move. White glove movers can provide you with the assistance you might not have even known to ask about. What kinds of help can they give you?

Packing and Unpacking

Sometimes one of the more daunting and time-consuming tasks in moving is packing up all your belongings in your old residence and then unpacking them in the new home. Thankfully, white glove moving companies are professionals who are expertly trained in just this task. With just a bit of guidance from you, they will quickly and safely pack all your belongings in an efficient way, ready to load on the truck and transport to your new place. When your items arrive, they can be unpacked in exactly the way you had them, ensuring that your items will be exactly where you expect to find them in your new home.

As part of the packing and transportation process, your white glove movers are trained in preparing specialty items for moving, such as fine artwork, musical instruments, or particularly large furniture. Items will be well-protected and will not suffer damage like they might if a lower-end company were to handle your move.

Items from Other Locations

Maybe you are upgrading to a larger home, and while you’ve been in your smaller location, you’ve had a number of items in storage. White glove companies in Dallas are prepared not only to pack and move items in your home but also to visit off-site facilities such as storage units in order to gather up all your belongings so they can all be moved together. And you can be confident that those items will be packed carefully and shipped safely, the same way as all your other possessions.

Predictable Transport

With other companies, you might not get adequate detail about where your possessions may be en route to your new home. But with white glove moving companies, you will get ongoing updates and reliable arrival predictions as to when your materials will arrive at your new house. You’ll be able to confidently plan things like utility hookups or pre-move-in renovation projects, knowing that your items will arrive on a set schedule.

When considering your moving options, be sure to give strong consideration to a white glove moving company like MoveStar Movers. The benefits they provide makes your moving experience easy and stress-free!


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