Medical Equipment and Hospital Relocation Moving Services in DFW TX

Don’t leave your facility and office moves to just anyone

Medical equipment & hospital relocation moving services in dfw txIf you are moving your medical practice, hospital or healthcare facility, we can help make it a stress-free, safe and comfortable moving experience for both you and your staff. As a top mover with more than 400 medical and healthcare practice moves a year, we are a leader in medical practice and hospital relocation. We provide storage as well as asset management of medical files, supplies, equipment and more. We have provided moving and storage services for clinic moves, laboratory moves, emergency rooms and minor as well as major hospital moves in the DFW area.

Pre-move planning

Relocating your healthcare facility or practice makes for a busy time. You have a lot of things on your mind, making it easy to miss things. With our pre-move planning assistance, you can keep your move on-time and on budget. We can handle the coordination work on your behalf so you can focus on your patients and practice.

State-of-the-art inventory control

Windfall inventory management | movestar

Our secure area is managed by a state-of-the-art inventory management system, called Windfall. No matter the product or possession, Windfall enables us to provide real-time inventory visibility and an advanced level of control to execute your business strategy.

  • Control your assets and manage them with our easy-to-use online system.
  • Windfall is the industry standard, used by eight of the top ten van lines in the US.
  • View your assets anytime with photo/video inventory control via a secure portal that includes barcoding and tagging.

HIPAA Compliance

We make it a priority to understand and adhere to government regulations that affect moving and storage of medical facilities and laboratories including all administrative, technical and physical safeguards such as limiting access control, security management process to safeguard paper records, protection of records from environmental damage and designating a security officer to oversee HIPAA compliance.

Movestar HIPPA Compliant moving procedures support relocating chemicals, biological specimens, patient records, workstations and more. Trust our team to handle any of your specialized moves to ensure safe and efficient transport of everything in your facility.

Installation support

Our seasoned and trusted fireman movers handle the full move and installation of your equipment, including your any high-end medical equipment, exam beds, high-blood pressure cuffs, and other high-value items that need to be transported. We can also help you mount machines to the wall, relocate your computers to workstations at the new facility and install furniture systems. Whatever your needs, talk to us. We can help you figure out your options.

Packing and unpacking

Our movers are also experienced in providing packing and unpacking assistance. We use white glove moving techniques that help ensure your equipment is protected throughout transit. We also save your staff a lot of time and effort in packing and unpacking everything you need, which dramatically reduces downtime and helps maintain patient focus.

Warehouse and secure, temperature-controlled storage

With 50,000 square feet of storage space, MoveStar Fireman Movers provides more than enough room for facilities and practices requiring temporary or seasonal storage. Our secure vault areas are temperature controlled and have the capacity for six-hundred 5x7x7 (240 square feet) vaults that can be moved in and out of the secure area when needed.

HIPAA regulations are there to protect patients. Movestar fireman movers are there to protect you and your practice. Let us help you cover your HIPAA compliant move when you need transport or store documents and any time you move them from one location to another.

Find out how we can help you. Contact us today and we will be happy to assist for your queries on medical practice equipment and hospital relocation moving services in DFW TX.


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