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“Don’t leave your technology moves to just anyone – MoveStar Inc.”

Data center & technology movers in dallas fort worth txData centers, laboratories and other technology migration and relocations require a well-designed strategy and comprehensive plan be applied throughout each phases of the project. We can significantly mitigate the risk, cost and complexity required to accomplish a data center move or consolidation, regardless of your goals.

You need to work with a mover you can trust. Movestar understands the importance of being fully prepared at every step. In fact, MoveStar Fireman Movers has overseen over 10,000 IT installations in the DFW area. Our clients include some of the leading semiconductor and telecom manufacturing, corporate offices, laboratories and more.

Pre-planning guidance and strategy

Ensure your move strategy reduces planned downtime and minimizes the risk of unplanned outages through pre-planning your move with our data center moving company. We will help you

  • Determine the destination environment for all assets at the new facility
  • Develop a strategy based on current state and assign move bundles.
  • Our project managers will use best practices to deliver consistent, accurate results and minimize risk.
  • Can provide experienced technicians to unplug, un-rack, re-rack and cable transport devices in “exclusive use” trucks strictly used for high-value equipment.
  • Coordinate building and facility managers on your behalf

Assembly / disassembly support

Relocating your high value equipment means you’ll need to disassemble them and put them back together again. Our seasoned movers have the experience and specialized knowledge to carry that out for you. Our trained team are knowledgeable to handle installation workstations. With their handling expertise, you won’t need to worry you’ll end up with damaged or broken equipment.

State-of-the-art inventory control

Data center & technology moversOur 600 vault, temperature-controlled secure area is managed by an industry-leading inventory management system, called Windfall. No matter the size or volume, Windfall enables us to provide real-time inventory visibility and an advanced level of control to execute your business strategy.

  • Control your assets and manage them with our easy-to-use online system.
  • Windfall is the industry standard, used by eight of the top ten van lines in the US.
  • View your assets anytime with photo/video inventory control via a secure portal that includes barcoding and tagging.

Packing and unpacking

Movestar will provide safe transport of your valuable IT equipment including custom packing and unpacking. Our skilled professionals will make the most of every minute to ensure a smooth, swift transition:

  • Thorough labeling and inventory processes
  • An online library of packing tips for employees
  • Electronics removal and debris removal
  • Post-relocation support

As movers, we don’t just leave everything behind. We ensure we leave your facilities or offices clean by handling all cleanup and debris removal.


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