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Furniture RefinishThe furniture you love is bound to see some wear and tear over time. Ordinary, everyday use can create scuffs, dents, scratches, and even tears. Whether your pieces are family heirloom antiques or modern classics, it’s no fun seeing them decline over time.

Our Dallas team at Movestar has an in-house staff of refinishing and restoring professionals who are experienced in furniture refinishing including wood, leather, and antiques, kitchen cabinets and more. Our clients range from single family homeowners to large estates, museums, and more. Pricing can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on replacing these pieces.

We can save the look of your most beloved belongings. Repair and restore woodwork with our skilled carpentry team or restore upholstery for a more beautiful, longer-lasting living room suite. No matter what kind of furniture you wish to bring back to life – whether antique or modern – it can be made to looklike-new.

What can our furniture restoration and refinishing department do for you?

We offer the following services that breathe new life into your belongings:

Table Leg restoration

1) Repairing and reinforcing weakened structures – The most critical part of a piece of furniture is the framework that holds it together.

We strengthen weakened frames and furniture parts, such as legs, arms, shelves, etc., making them safer and more stable. Weakened joints are also a common problem, which we will repair to make the furniture stronger.

2) Fabricating replacement pieces for lost or broken wood or metal elementscan be a challenge to the unskilled worker. However, our team will custom build any parts for antiques or other types of furniture for which you can no longer find parts.

3) Repairing and replacing damaged, water stained or lost veneer and inlay with matching woods can be done by removing the old veneer, sanding the substrate, cutting new (if possible) and reattaching it, smoothing out any irregularities.


4) Spot repairing gouges, scratches, scuffs, rings, burns, and cracks can be done by our team of color matching and furniture repair experts.

5) Reconstituting old finishes that may become milky or blemished with age or moisture require custom formulas to make them come alive again.

We’ve seen them all. Let us take the messy job out of your hands.

What we restore

We restore and refinish a wide variety of furniture teypes, including bedroom and living room furniture, kitchen and dining tables and chairs, bars, dressers, armoires, cabinets, desks, bookcases, end tables, antiques, and much more.

Trust the Movestar refinishing and restoration team

No matter the need, our team of experts can have your item completed before its placement in your new home. It’s a great feeling to have all your furniture looking great. For more information about how we can help you make your most cherished possessions look like new again, contact us today for a no obligation quote.


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