Fine Art Moving and Storage

Moving fine art is an art form in itself – here’s why you should go with a pro

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Do you own fine art items you want to ensure are protected during your home or office move? Hiring an experienced professional to pack and move them for you is the safest option.

Who We Move Fine Art For

At MoveStar, we are experienced in relocating fine art. Some of our fine art move clients include:

  • Museums
  • Galleries
  • Offices
  • Medical practices
  • High-end residences, and more

What We Move

At MoveStar, we also have extensive experience moving all types of fine art. This includes:

  • Framed paintings of all sizes
  • Sculptures
  • Glass fixtures and glass artwork
  • Chandeliers and ornate lamps
  • High-end furnishings, and much more

Custom Crating

The way fine art is packaged for a move will be very different than typical furnishings. It is important that a moving team know how to properly crate each individual piece, with a customized solution built to protect it before, during, and after its journey.

Fine art custom crating

Some important elements of custom crating that we offer include:

  • Careful packaging using soft materials to buffer fragile art pieces.
  • The use of specialty tapes and other packing supplies that are designed not to impact paint or have any negative effect on the overall composition of the artwork.
  • Custom-built crates for large or uniquely-shaped pieces.
  • The use of adequate packaging to prevent movement and shifting during transit and protect artwork from being compromised.

Why Choose MoveStar for Your Fine Art Move?

Why should you partner with the professionals at MoveStar of Dallas when relocating your fine art? In addition to the numerous services mentioned here, our team is experienced in the art of fine art moving. With years of offering fine art moves, we know exactly how to provide the smoothest possible move without all the unnecessary worry.

Just as you can trust the off-duty firemen of MoveStar movers to protect your family and possessions during an emergency, you can trust our experienced teams of firemen movers in the DFW area to deliver excellent results during your next move. Call us today to learn more!


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