Moving or Not, here are 3 Reasons to Have a Fire Extinguisher in Your Home

Fire extinguisher in your homeAs firemen movers, we feel we have an obligation to not only make sure your move comes off smoothly but also to educate you on fire safety in your home or office.

Fire extinguishers are not required by law in a residential home but they are a good idea. Regardless of the government regulation or personal preference, you should consider checking online or visiting a local fire safety equipment supplier to purchase several fire extinguishers. Below are three outstanding reasons to have fire extinguishers in your home.


Fire extinguishers function by spreading a thin layer of foam over a fire and smothering it to cut the fuel off from the surrounding oxygen. Foam fire extinguishers also help to absorb heat. The cool foam they release contains a lot of water. It is important, however, to respect the limits of what a fire extinguisher can do. It contains a specific amount of solution that is only effective as a weapon against small fires.

When used with a smoke detector, the theory is that the detector will alert you to a fire before it becomes too large and serious. The alarm gives you the opportunity to extinguish the fire with your extinguisher.

Regardless of the size of the fire, we also recommend you have and training your family to use a fire escape plan to ensure everyone in the house knows how to get out in case of emergency. Using the extinguisher, you can tackle the fire in its entirety or use it to clear a path through a fire to help get everyone to safely.

Note though that for larger fires, you can use the fire extinguisher to help get out, however, once everyone is out, you should leave as well. Fire extinguishers save lives, not homes.


Worrying about a fire in your home can produce a lot of stress which can be damaging to overall health, but you can avoid the issue by equipping your home with smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. While they will not prevent a fire from occurring, they will alert you and give you time to get out alive.

Fire extinguishers does not mean you need to endanger your life by tackling the fire yourself. They are simply a way help you and your loved ones get out without being injured or killed. Understanding its role and knowing how to use it will help extinguish your fears.


Need one more reason to have a fire extinguisher in your home? Mention it to your home insurance company and they may reduce your homeowners or umbrella insurance policy rates as long as the unit is correctly certified and maintained. Note as well that you may need a different type of fire extinguishers based on the location and should have them on each floor of your home or office.

Check as well for a discount for having fire extinguishers as part of a “lump” insurance policy under other types of fire protection systems. For example, if you are working in an office, your policy may provide a discount of a small percentage if you have smoke detectors. But if you have Smoke Detectors, Dead Bolt Locks and Fire Extinguishers, you may get an even larger discount.

Contact your insurance agent or company to see what type of protective devices qualify for discounts and if bundling can save you money.


MoveStar is owned and operated by off-duty firefighters. We have been moving families and businesses in the Dallas area for more than 35 years. We are the only moving company in Dallas to offer complimentary long-term storage for our customers.

MoveStar is more equipped than ever to serve you. If you want efficient and careful professional movers for your residential or commercial move, contact us at MoveStar.


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