Rain, Rain, Go Away! Your Move is Happening Anyway. How To Keep Your Items Dry During a Rainy Day Move.

Most people plan their moves months in advance, giving you no control over the weather on moving day. If you are from North Texas, you know all about our unpredictable weather. You can plan as much as you want, but Mother Nature is the only one who knows what is in store! While rain on your moving day can cause panic, Movestar has a host of practices that help minimize the impact of water so you can safely move without any worries.

Professional movers know that you can’t count on the weather, so we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help fight lousy weather that pops up on your moving day. While we always go the extra mile for our customers, we are sure you want to be as prepared as we are, so here are some rainy day preparation tips.

Keep an Eye on the Weather Report

While you can’t predict the weather when choosing a moving date, you can check a night or two before to ensure you can access the clothes, equipment, or tools you will need. If rain is in the forecast, you may want to unpack your rain boots, raincoats, warmer clothing, and an umbrella ahead of time instead of frantically looking for these items the day of your move.

Wrap & Pack Items Properly

Rain, rain, go away! Your move is happening anyway. How to keep your items dry during a rainy day move. 1While moving blankets are usually the first choice to protect your items, they are not waterproof, so you need to revise your tactic when it’s raining. Instead of moving blankets, professional movers will also wrap furniture and boxes with plastic moving wrap and other moving supplies. Garbage bags can also work in a pinch, but if you work with a professional company, they should shrink-wrap all furniture and larger pieces to protect against water damage. It’s also good to consider wrapping paper items like books in clear bags or garbage bags before placing them into the moving container to add extra rain protection.

Protect Flooring and Carpeting

Our team will lay cardboard out across all entryways and then from the moving truck to your door if it is raining. There are two reasons for this; the first is to protect your flooring and carpeting from stains associated with muddy feet. The second is to prevent slips and potential falls. It is easy to trip when carrying heavy items and even easier when wet outside. Movestar utilizes cardboard and old rags to ensure there is extra support in place to protect your floors and you.

Non-slip mats are another great tool to have on hand when it is wet outside because this helps catch some of the moisture right at the door and prevent slips. If you are worried about moving items after the moving crew has left, non-slip mats can usually be found at the dollar store so that you can replace them throughout the day and toss them without wasting too much money.

Set up an Assembly Line

Rain, rain, go away! Your move is happening anyway. How to keep your items dry during a rainy day move. 2There is no reason why everyone helping with a move should be going inside your home, especially on a rainy day. Instead, assign a few people to carry items from the truck to the doorway and then have someone positioned at the door to receive items and move them further into the home. Not only is this a quick and efficient way to move your items, but it will reduce how much water and mud gets tracked into your home by keeping the muddy and wet parties mostly outside until the major moving process is over.

Wipe as You Receive

Finally, if the rain is pouring, it will coat your plastic, and you don’t want the moisture slipping off into your floors. It is best to wipe down everything as it comes in the door with heavy towels to prevent moisture damage and mold growth in your boxes and within your home.

Prioritize Your Items

Items already in plastic bins or covered by waterproof material should be loaded onto the truck or vehicle first, as the rain may slow or stop as your move progresses. Never expose electronics, such as televisions, stereo systems, or computers, to water, and wait for the rain to stop completely before transporting these items outdoors.

Warm It Up

If the rain brings some cooler weather, turn the heat up in your home. This will help your items dry out more, and the furnace will remove the moisture in the air.

Don’t Let It Rain on Your Parade

Are you planning a move and are worried about rain? Don’t be. Over the last twenty years, we have moved thousands of families and businesses, rain or shine, so trust us when we say we have you covered. Contact Movestar for a no-obligation quote, and rest assured that your move will go off without a hitch.


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