How Does Home Staging Contribute To A Quicker Sale And A Higher Selling Price?

How does home staging contribute to a quicker sale and a higher selling price? 1

If you’re concerned about getting a fair price for your home and feel like you could use some expert advice on the latest decorating trends, figuring out how to set up your space, or just keeping up with what’s in style, you might want to consider something known as “home staging.”

Home staging is an artful arrangement and decoration of your living space to showcase its most appealing attributes and foster a welcoming ambiance for potential buyers.

While the exact figures can vary based on market conditions, location, and the quality of the staging, studies from industry experts like the National Association of Realtors suggest that staged homes can sell up to 88% faster and for up to 20% more than non-staged homes

In this article, we’ll explore a few tips on how to expertly stage your home.

Tips for Masterful Home Staging

  • Declutter and Depersonalize – Kicking off your home staging endeavors involves the meticulous task of decluttering and depersonalizing your living space. Bid farewell to personal items, family photos, and surplus furniture, allowing potential buyers to envision themselves seamlessly integrating into the essence of the house.
  • Create an Inviting Entrance – The entrance of your home acts as the prelude to the entire narrative. Elevate the curb appeal by maintaining a meticulously groomed lawn, adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door, and strategically placing welcoming accents. A captivating entrance sets a positive tone for the entire home.
  • Maximize Natural Light – Harnessing the power of natural light can magically transform any space, making it feel more inviting and expansive. Throw open curtains and blinds to usher in the sunshine, and strategically position mirrors to amplify the luminosity. A well-lit home significantly enhances its overall appeal.
  • Highlight Key Features – The distinctive features of your home are its unique selling points. Whether it’s a charming fireplace, breathtaking hardwood floors, or a generously spaced kitchen, ensure these elements take center stage. Strategic furniture arrangements draw attention to these focal points, leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers.
  • Set the Right Ambiance – Crafting the perfect ambiance can evoke emotions and create a memorable experience for prospective buyers. Use soft lighting, subtle scents, and tasteful decor to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. A well-crafted ambiance can elevate your home’s desirability.

What to Know About Staging Your Home?

While staging can lead to a higher selling price and faster sale, it also comes with costs. Professional staging services and rental fees for furniture and decor can add up, so weighing these against the potential benefits is important.

It’s also good to understand market conditions in your area. The effectiveness of staging can depend on the current real estate market conditions. The impact might be less pronounced in a seller’s market than in a buyer’s market, where making your home stand out becomes more crucial. Talk to your realtor for more information about staging in your market. They are in it every day.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or want to maximize the impact of your home staging efforts, our team can point you to one of our staging partners and guide you through the process.

Contact us for more information or to contact one of our staging partners.


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