Green Moving: 6 Ways to Lessen Waste While Getting the Best Local Mover Experience

Green moving: 6 ways to lessen waste while getting the local mover

Moving houses or business locations can create excess packaging such as bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, and tape that is not only hard on your pocketbook but hard on the environment. With plenty of professional moving companies at your disposal, the issue then becomes how to reduce packaging materials and costs, while having the best moving experience possible.

Movestar professional moving company wants your move to be as stress-free and eco friendly as possible. Here are six eco-friendly ways you can reduce waste and cost by green moving services:

1. Sell or donate as much as possible

It should come as no surprise that having less stuff to move dramatically reduces the number of materials needed to pack for your move. One of the best ways to cut back is to sell what you don’t need or donate them to a charity. Before deciding between donating or selling, ask yourself two crucial questions. Is there enough demand to sell these items? If so, will the money I make by selling them be worth the opportunity cost? If the answer to these questions is no, you may wish to consider a donation. There is any number of charities that would be happy to have your stuff. Some will even come to your house and pick them up. Just make sure you ask what they will take as some with not accept all items (such as furniture or broken electronics).

2. Collect or rent used materials from your neighbors or local businesses

A sure-fire way to both save money and practice environmental conservation is to ask local businesses for used supplies. At first, it may seem taboo to ask for used materials, but not only is this an excellent money-saving strategy, but it’s also more common than you may think. Businesses or individuals may purchase these materials for a reduced cost or may donate supplies as a gesture of goodwill. Try using your personal and professional network to inquire as to who might have the materials you need. You can also use local directories, like Nextdoor, or social media to look for people giving away their boxes and packing material.

3. Use eco-friendly packaging alternatives for green moving

If, after taking stock of your inventory, you find you don’t have enough packing supplies, ask your moving company if they use eco-friendly materials. If not, you may wish to consider purchasing eco-friendly supplies online. One typical example of this is eco bubble wrap made from recycled plastic. Movestar also offers reusable plastic crate rentals, so you don’t have to worry about finding or disposing of cardboard boxes.

4. Cut old clothes into rags, or use your other resources as packing material

Before you run to the store and buy supplies, first make sure you use whatever resources you already have. Towels, newspapers, T-shirts, rags, or whatever you can find around the house can be used to protect your valuables. You’ll need to pack these supplies anyway, so you may as well use them as packing materials.

5. Pack smarter, consolidate similar items

The last sure-fire way to reduce waste during your move is to pack your possessions efficiently. Try grouping items together with complementary shapes and sizes so you can get the best possible use from each package.

6. After you move, donate your packing supplies

Don’t forget that after you move, there are plenty of people who would love your used moving supplies. Use online resources, such as Craigslist, NextDoor, or Facebook, to post your available supplies. Take a quick snapshot with your phone and give a detailed description of what you have to offer.

What’s next?

Take these steps next time for green moving your home or business. It is best to find a balance between eco friendly and economically friendly, and often the two complement each other. If you are looking to have the best mover experience possible, contact Movestar fireman moving today and get a complimentary, no-obligation moving quote.


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