5 Reasons Why Commercial Storage Dallas Might Be Right for You

Did you know current warehouse construction in the Dallas-Fort Worth area totals almost 35 million square feet? We know—it’s shocking! The volume of industrial buildings that are underway in the DFW area is staggering (and greater than all other commercial construction combined). This means commercial warehouse space is abundant, but it’s no time to rest on your laurels. If you’re unsure your business can utilize commercial storage, consider if you can relate to the following five scenarios.

5 Reasons Why Commercial Storage in Dallas Might Be Right for YouYou want to grow your business

No business owner ever thought growth was a bad idea. With growth comes an increase in customers, which means inventory must grow accordingly. For businesses in the retail industry, for example, the overabundance of inventory is always a good thing. With the growth of your business and products comes an influx of customer orders. This can lead to the need for more space to house inventory that has yet to be shipped to customers. Because many commercial storage facilities are implementing autumn discounts, fall is the time to reevaluate your inventory storage needs and consider other storage solutions.

You have infrequently used equipment

Commercial or warehouse storage is a fantastic alternative to safely store infrequently used—but valuable—items, such as construction tools and machinery. As a business owner, you can rest assured that your items are kept in a climate-controlled and secured environment until you need to access them in the future.

You want to securely store confidential records or files

For industries such as healthcare and IT that, oftentimes, keep backup hard copies of records and invoices, having a secure place to store them can prove challenging. Eventually, you will run out of space in your office and the worst thing you can do is begin using high-traffic areas or non-climate-controlled rooms to keep these highly sensitive documents.

You want to reduce office space clutter

Seldomly used or seasonal equipment can cause clutter in an office, leading to a chaotic workspace that can affect productivity for everyone. Business owners with annual conference equipment or seasonal goods can store these items in boxes and keep them in a commercial storage space with access for those deemed authorized. Correspondingly, businesses preparing for the addition of new hires can store desks, chairs, computer equipment, and office supplies in a commercial storage facility to minimize disorder in the workplace.

You’re renovating your office space

The anticipation of a new office space can be overwhelmingly exciting. However, what can surely dull that excitement is the thought of what to do with office equipment when your office space is a construction hazard. Investing in commercial storage is a secure solution to keep your equipment from being damaged by building dust and debris.

Let MoveStar Help You with Commercial Storage Solutions

Conveniently located near the Galleria mall, MoveStar’s commercial storage facility in Dallas offers customers 30,000 square feet of clean, flexible, and secure storage in a climate-controlled environment. MoveStar can provide commercial customers with:

  • Security and control for your most valuable—and expensive—equipment.
  • In-house dedicated staff to assist you with any questions.
  • Controlled access for anyone you’ve authorized.
  • A clean environment for your business possessions to avoid the collection of dirt and dust.
  • Temperature-controlled facilities to minimize damage to office equipment.

Contact us today for more information about what MoveStar can offer to satisfy your commercial storage needs around Dallas.


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