Commercial Moving Tips for an Easy Business Relocation

Reduce downtime with your office relocation. Here are must-know tips to ensure a stress-free and successful moving day.

Plan Ahead and Start Early

Extensive planning will help you prepare for any problems or issues that should arise. Spend as much time as you can anticipating problems, making checklists and developing timelines. Start as soon as possible, The Balance says. The bigger the size of your operations and team, the more time you’ll need to get ready. Don’t wait until the very last minute to get started. Cramming is only going to give you a much harder time

 Let Your Team Know

Tell your employees about the move, especially if you’re relocating quite a bit of distance away. Some of your employees may not be on board with that decision and may decide to resign. It’s best that you and your team are prepared for that possibility too.

Donate Equipment

Save on costs by reducing the number of equipment and furniture that need to be moved, Business says. Go over everything and determine which items serve little to no purpose anymore. Which ones are in need of a dire upgrade? You’ll want to leave those behind as well, whether these are your printers, copiers, PCs or even office supplies. Decide which ones you’ll want to donate, use/reuse at home or toss away.

Hire Packing Help

When it’s time to pack up everything, get professional assistance. Hire pros to take care of your office equipment and furniture. With their handling expertise and experience, you won’t have to worry about any of your equipment getting damaged or broken in transit.

Label and Supervise Everything

Don’t lose the smaller items. Label them accordingly and put them in a clear plastic bag or container. That should keep them from getting lost in the confusion of the move.  Hiring expert movers are a huge help. But don’t leave everything to them. You need to be around to supervise the relocation. Are the non-removable drawers in your file cabinets taped? That way, they won’t open accidentally during the move. How are the glass surfaces protected? Check and find out.

About Movestar

As a company owned and operated by off-duty firefighters, we care about your possessions as much as we care about your safety. We have over 20 years of experience, so you can trust us to take care of your moving and storage needs.


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