Commercial Moving Checklist

Commercial moves come with a daunting responsibility. There is nothing effortless about relocating your entire office from one physical location to another, be it only a few yards away or an entire coastline away.

Commercial moving checklist - movestar inc.These largescale moves not only require shifting your employees to a new office but also play a crucial part in moving the high-value office equipment and machinery. Therefore, if you plan to move, your first thought would be to have a hassle-free and swift relocation with minimal disruption.

We believe that thorough planning and successful communication are pivotal to a seamless commercial move. MoveStar fireman movers are one of the leading commercial movers located in Dallas, helping your company transition with minimal downtime.

Here’s a handy guide to assist you through the planning and execution of your move without any unnecessary logistical stress.

1) Start planning as early as possible

It is of utmost importance for you to start planning the framework of your move six months prior to the scheduled date; depending on the scale of your move. A fully structured timeline will help you keep track of your progress, allowing you to anticipate future decisions in an orderly manner. Remember you do not want to disrupt your workflow in any way but instead want to make sure your team stays efficient.

2) Establish your budget

Every move is fueled by financial resources, so it is advised that you establish your budget and other relevant resources you will be needing for the move. And never forget to set aside a specific amount of budget since moving is a situational-based task and things may not always turn out as planned.

3) Get a quotation from moving companies

Draft a list of all potential moving companies that you feel will fit right for your move and start off by getting details of their moving packages. Remember that by recruiting a commercial moving company, you’ll make your office relocation completed professionally by experienced individuals.

4) Visit the new location

Visit the new location where you are planning to move and prepare a checklist of all the operational work that needs to be completed before you start the shifting. It is recommended that you hire contract-based workers through Dallas commercial movers to sort out all the operational working of the new building. You should also develop an office layout and determine the floor arrangements and cubicle positioning so that you can accommodate the furniture and other equipment accordingly.

5) Implement necessary security measures

Security is vital to any commercial move. Therefore, it is important that you hire a security team that ensures a sound implementation of security measures to keep your unattended belongings and confidential documents guarded during the move.

6) Inform your customers

Customers are the driving force of your business. And to continue the smooth running of your business, you should notify your customers beforehand of any disruption in service that may be caused during the transition period.

7) Work with professionals

Commercial moving entails a sensitive nature and so regardless of how well established your business is, it is stressed that you work with a professional mover for your corporate move. A trained team of individuals has the right skill set to make your plan successful through their ideal execution.

As a Dallas commercial mover, MoveStar offers you a single point of contact to coordinate your move anywhere around the country. We provide you services from junk disposal to organizing desks. With one less task on your to-do list, we promise to simplify your office relocation to a whole new level.


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