Commercial Moves, it’s the service that sets us apart!

Commercial moves, it's the service that sets us apart!

Downtime and Distractions- office relocation shouldn’t be this way. We strive to be a global moving leader by improving this process through time-efficient services that maintain desired productivity levels.

As a Dallas office moving company, MoveStar fireman movers has a highly trained crew that personally takes an interest in the safe relocation of your business with the exemplary crating, packing, loading and positioning of office equipment and furniture, while maintaining the quality standards.

Our services include

Modular furniture and systems furniture

We provide quality modular furniture installations for your commercial office move. Be it setting up your cubicles and workstations or installing your desks and wall panels. Dallas office movers have an expert team of individuals with the necessary experience to help you get organized conveniently at your new workplace. Our company expertly uninstalls and reassembles your office furniture as efficiently as you expect.

Assembly of systems furniture and ready-to-assemble furniture

Our installers are trained in the assembly procedures for a wider variety of office cubicle and panel systems, ranging from small offices to large scale office systems. We are committed to providing you high-quality services in assembling your furniture systems.

Over the course of the last few years, MoveStar has successfully installed a variety of office set-up. These setups were ordered by the client, and we were responsible for the construction and fully-equipped assembly of the furniture setup.

Installation of panels, work surfaces, lights, overhead bins, cabinets and more

Moving your office is an entirely different task than shifting a household, so it’s very important to hire a mover that has the relevant experience and resources to handle an office relocation. Installation of panels, work surfaces, lights, overhead bins, cabinets and more

We cater to your moving needs by preparing an inventory of your current office installation and work with you to set out the configuration for your new office. We take full responsibility for ordering any additional panels or parts that may be needed to complete your workplace setup. And if needed, we also provide consultation and recommendation for other service providers to ensure that your office has completed all necessary installation work.

A professional moving company is well informed of the importance of a company, or any business holds.  Therefore, our mission as one of the emerging Dallas office movers is to ensure that our services are reliable, outstanding and trustful with good reviews.

We are providing a reliable business moving service for you with appropriate and reliable equipment, skilled labour, project management, and assistant, and most importantly, a hassle-free booking and billing criteria.

So, if you’re planning to relocate your office, it’s the perfect time call MoveStar, which will allow you all the time to focus on other important things related to the move.


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