Can Commercial Movers in Dallas be Used for Residential Moves and Vice-Versa?

How to Find the Best Movers in Dallas

Commercial and residential moving may seem like they are the same thing. Both moving types involving transporting belongings, furniture, and equipment from one place into another. Commercial and residential moves in Dallas require manpower, transportation, storage, and coordination. If they are so similar, can you use a Dallas commercial mover for your residential move or vice-versa? While they are similar, there are significant differences and considerations to take into account. Professional residential and commercial movers in Dallas know the difference and have extensive experience moving customers’ belongings safely and promptly.

Here are the key differences between commercial and residential moving:

Commercial Moving

Commercial moving involves moving office and business furniture, computers, and work equipment from one office location to another. This type of moving requires more planning than a residential move. To minimize the loss of productivity, most commercial moves are on tight, strict deadlines. Property managers and owners have move in and move out terms that need to be followed. Before you move into your new building, you must make sure all the lighting, IT, and office equipment and furniture are installed and working properly. The careful moving of large pieces of delicate furniture, computers, and machinery is challenging.

The experienced MoveStar commercial movers in Dallas are familiar with these challenges when we undertake every commercial move. We strive to make your commercial move as smooth as possible. From helping you with pre-move preparations with property managers to custom crating your equipment to installing your office furniture, we do all we can to lessen your moving stress.

MoveStar will also store your office furniture, computers, and equipment in temperature-controlled storage while you are in between offices.

Residential Moving

Moving from one house or apartment to another is less complex and easier than a commercial move. These moves are often done in a day as oppose to multiple days. With residential moving, you are not on a tight schedule. Fewer people are needed. You do not need to worry about the electrical or floor configuration. You can also unpack and customize your new place the way you want, on your schedule. The only concern with residential moving is the transport of large and delicate items.

MoveStar are professional, insured, residential and commercial movers in Dallas. You can have peace of mind knowing your office or personal property will be carefully transported and unpacked. MoveStar offers boxes, packing, and fine art moving and installation. We have been helping customers with residential and commercial moves in and around Dallas for more than 20 years. Contact MoveStar for any residential moving questions.

As there are fewer requirements and planning with residential moves, many commercial movers can do residential moves. However, not all residential movers can properly handle commercial moves. When in doubt, ask. Some Dallas moving companies only specialize in one or the other.

MoveStar is a Dallas residential and commercial moving company that can handle either type. We are experienced in moving data centers, medical offices, and corporate offices. For residential moving, our services include our award-winning packing, fine art moving and installation, and luxury residential moving. For a seamless commercial or residential move in Dallas, contact MoveStar today.


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