Using Climate Controlled Storage is More Important Than You Think!

If there’s a period between the time you have to move out of your old home and when professional movers arrive to move into your new one, you should consider climate-controlled storage as a temporary option to store your belongings. Here are some reasons why.

Using climate controlled storage is more important than you think!Climate controlled storage prevents extremes in temperature that can damage your property

This is the most obvious reason. Storage that isn’t climate controlled is subject to the whims of nature. Some items are especially sensitive to temperature extremes and can be damaged easily by heat or cold. These include items like vinyl records, electronics, and artwork. Excessive heat can damage certain types of documents, especially older ones created with thermal printing. Heat can also fade photographs – Polaroids in particular are sensitive to heat exposure. Vehicles and wooden furniture or toys can also be damaged by temperature extremes over longer periods.

Humidity levels are controlled

In addition to temperature extremes, humidity can also damage your belongings. Damp environments can crack leather and oil paintings, destroy electronics, and warp wood. Vinyl record collections, books and documents as well as clothing and cloth furniture can mold or mildew. Climate-controlled storage units maintain low humidity levels, so you don’t have to worry about this type of damage.

Climate-controlled storage is indoors

The fact that your items are indoors means that there’s little danger of pests like termites or mice, or environmental damage like flooding destroying your property Adding or removing things from storage is easier if you don’t have to do it outside in heat and bad weather. Finally, there’s much less likelihood that you’ll be the victim of a break-in or theft.

Air quality is better

Since the air in indoor facilities is filtered, it contains less dust and pollutants than outdoor facilities. This is especially important to protect valuables like electronics and artwork.

When you’re ready to decide on a climate-controlled storage facility, it’s a good idea to get specific information like the range of temperatures they maintain. Some items like musical instruments or wines require specific temperatures. Industry standards are usually anywhere from 50 to 85 degrees. Make sure your prospective storage facility is within the parameters that fit your specific needs. Some professional movers provide storage facilities and have information about suitable environments for specific items, so don’t be shy about asking.

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