9 Tips of Moving a Medical Practice

9 tips of moving a medical practiceThere’s a lot that goes into moving a medical practice. Here’s are 9 tips you can use to help you get started to make your moving smooth and stress-free.

  1. Plan ahead – Don’t try to wing this. Transporting expensive medical equipment, files, computers and more can be an expensive task if it isn’t done right. Don’t put your belongings at risk of theft or damage. Keep that from happening by planning the move using proper inventory control, HIPPA compliance processes and a trained team of movers and packers.
  2. Inform your patients – Don’t forget to let your patients know in advance when to expect the move and where to find you. Give the ample time as well. You can send them post cards with directions to the location of your new clinic or facility. Telling them in person when they come into the office will resonate with them too and make them more likely to keep coming to you, regardless of the change in your address.
  3. Use multiple communication methods – Aside from face-to-face communication, inform your patients through other means. Send an email or text. Mail post cards. Put the information on your social media pages or website too. With multiple methods of patient notification, you won’t need to worry that any of patients remain in the dark about the move.
  4. Call the power and utility companies – Make sure you contact them to in advance to have your account moved and to determine the timing to cut power and phones to your old office. Also, don’t forget to call and make sure the power and utilities are on the day you move into your new facility.
  5. Update your information – Check your business cards and stationery, ads and printed materials. Go online and upgrade the details on your website as well. Also note that your listings on Yelp, Google, and other directories will also need to be updated so that people can find you. These small but essential steps will ensure a smoother moving experience for you.
  6. Hire pros – Partner up with the right team of movers. Look for a trusted moving firm. Check out the experience and expertise of its crew. Do they have the handling knowledge and expertise to look after your belongings? Do they have the right moving tools? You’ll want to check before you hire the firm’s services.
  7. Make a list – Go over everything that needs to be moved. Put together an inventory list. The moving company will also have one of their own. Cross-reference that with yours to check if the list is complete. That way, if anything’s missing, you can call the firm’s attention to that right away.
  8. Check out its services – When you pick a moving firm, take a long look at the range of services it offers. If you are relocating your office, you may be relocating your home as well. Hit two birds with one stone by using the same firm to handle both moves. That will cut down on the coordination effort on your end.
  9. Read the reviews – Don’t forget to find out what other customers say about the firm. What do they think of the company’s services? Were they happy and satisfied with the service levels? Feedback can give insight that can help with your hiring decision.


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