6 Tips for Decluttering Before Your Commercial Move

6 tips for decluttering before your commercial move 1

You are probably excited to move to a new space. However, what you may not be ready for is the moving process. Commercial spaces are particularly a hub for clutter, usually collected over a long period, thanks to the numerous people walking in and out of the offices. All the stuff you probably do not need could make moving harder, so we recommend letting go of them as you pack up and prepare for your new office location.

Getting a professional commercial moving company could significantly help in getting things moving faster. The following six tips for decluttering should get you and your team packed and on your way faster:

Get a Jump Start

The most important thing to do as soon as you decide to move is to start packing early. This certainly does not mean that work has to stop. Start with the area used least in your space, an extra room, or even tiny office drawers. You could be surprised at how much you have been hoarding. Remember to label boxes and garbage from an early stage.

Separate the Items You Need Vs. The Items You Don’t Need

Recycle, reuse, donate, sell and throw away. These five should guide the packing process. Everything you have will at least fall into one of these categories. You can further group the items you need according to their purpose so you won’t have to backtrack. At all costs, do not overthink; you may end up holding on to things you do not need.

Choose a Storage Space for The Left Over Clutter

The primary goal for decluttering is to clear space. It is, therefore, imperative to have a storage plan for the things you have sorted to avoid making a mess. Plenty of items and furniture may need disposal planning for storage in advance could save you a lot of trouble. Check with your moving company for storage services. At MoveStar, we not only help our clients relocate but also help them plan the process. We also offer packing and safe storage options, including temperature-controlled storage.

Cables and Electric Cords

Cables and cords are not the easiest to organize. However, labeling them according to their devices or functions makes them easy to find when you get to the new space. It is also the time to separate cables or cords that no longer work to avoid carrying them over.

Organize Your Documents

Crates and boxes come in handy while organizing documents. Again only keep what is useful and shred everything that is not. As you organize documents, it is probably the right time to go digital. Digitizing documents keeps them safe and saves you a lot more usable space. You can have your employees help out by scanning each document and uploading them to the cloud or your preferred storage platform.

Call Professional Movers for Help

Doing everything on your own can be stressful. Why not hire professional movers to get things moving faster? MoveStar movers are just a call away to help you organize, pack, store and transport everything so you can focus on running your business. We have everything you need to get you settled into your new space as soon as possible. 

Feeling Overwhelmed? Contact MoveStar Professional Movers

We at MoveStar Professional Movers have over 20 years of experience in the moving business, serving small to large-scale businesses. We aim to make your transition as smooth as possible for you and your employees. We also offer numerous complimentary services, including furniture refurnishing and restoration, long-term storage, and packaging supplies to ensure you won’t have to worry about anything else. Contact us for more information about our services.


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