10 Ways to Make Your Office Move Hassle-Free

Woman in an office surrounded by moving boxes using an ipadAs your business grows, you will likely outgrow your current space. Relocating your office to a larger or different space is a huge task, but an exciting one. It means that your business is doing well enough to warrant making investments toward its future. When you decide to move to a larger office, it’s essential to have a plan to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Here are the ten most important things to incorporate into that plan:

Set a Moving Date

Setting a moving date is the first step you should take when relocating to a new office. Be sure to select the date far enough into the future to give yourself time to prepare, but also not so far that you create a gap in your ability to serve your customers. If you rent your current location, let your landlord know of your move with as much notice as possible; check your lease for a specific time frame.

Create a Timeline

Once you have your moving date set, create a timeline for the rest of the events leading up to the move. Setting deadlines is vital during the moving process because it helps you stay on track. Be sure to distribute the timeline to staff members who need to be informed. Also, basing your timeline around your current customer load and demand is essential to ensuring that you can still provide them with excellent service.

Update Your Address

Before moving day, be sure to update your address on all your promotional materials like business cards, brochures, websites, and social media. Your customers must be able to contact you, so update your address in Google My Business to ensure seamless communication. You should also initiate mail forwarding via the USPS, and they will forward your mail from your old office to your new location for up to a year. Other important places to update your address are your vendors, insurance companies, and service providers, such as your internet and utility companies.

Map Out the New Office Space

When you visit your new space, make a list of any changes that you want to make, like painting or repairs that need to be completed. Map out where your desks will go, how your sales floor will look, and what your customers will see when they arrive. This is one of the most critical steps, as the layout of your new space will guide how you pack, organize, and unload your inventory and other items.

Take Inventory & Organize as You Go

Before starting the moving process, you need to know what you have in your inventory. Whether you take stock by hand or use a computer program, make sure your list is organized and understandable. Include everything from office furniture to the smallest office supply; nothing should go unaccounted for! Organizing your inventory as you do this is important as well. It can help you determine what you need for the new office space and make moving easier.

Clean Out Unnecessary Items

As you are taking inventory, clean out any unnecessary items that you no longer use. Check for damages or things that need to be cleaned or restored. There are many places you can take unwanted items in your community, such as Goodwill or a local church or charity. If you don’t need it in your new space, give it to someone else who could use it or sell it.

Let Your Customers Know

After you update all your corporate and promotional materials, be sure to make them available to your customers as soon as possible. If you plan to close down for a few days to prepare and move into your new office space, send a communication to your customers via email or mail, post on all social media channels, your website, and your current office site. Keeping your customers updated during your moving process is essential to ensure minimal disruption to your service to them.

Simplify Moving Day

To make moving day a breeze, you can display copies of the new office layout in each room to help the movers know where to place your materials, office furniture and equipment. Color coding labels would be a great help to stay organized during the transition.

Hire Security

When transferring sensitive or classified documents, hiring a security company or guard may be necessary to monitor these items. When moving, people often prop doors open to reduce the number of times you would have to open the door, making it easier for unauthorized personnel to enter your space. Having a security guard would limit this threat. Be sure to provide the security guard with a list of authorized personnel to quickly and securely allow them into the new facility to complete the move.

Hire a Moving Service

When you’ve mapped out your moving process and have everything ready to do, hire Movestar to help you make a move. MoveStar specializes in helping commercial businesses and offices relocate. We handle all your office equipment with great care, using special equipment to ensure nothing is damaged during the process. Hiring us can help reduce the stress you experience on moving days.

Are you ready to relocate your office? If so, contact us today to request a quote for a commercial move.


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