10 Delicate Tips for Packing Fragile Items When Moving

You may not realize how many fragile items you have in your house until you are preparing to move.  Wrapping these valuable items up and out of sight can be nerve-wracking. As professional packers and movers, we can give you some valuable advice on how to effectively pack and protect your most fragile belongings.

Take Inventory of What You Have

Before you move begins, it’s a good idea to take note of what fragile items you have that you’re really concerned about – and what shape they’re in. This will help you if you need to file an insurance claim later or dispute damages.

Get Your Supplies Ready in Advance

Not being prepared may leave you scrambling and packing improperly at the last minute. Prevent this by preparing in advance.

Reinforce Your Breakables

You probably already know that you must properly pack your fragile belongings for a move, but did you know that you should also prepare them for it? Use a surface-safe tape like painter’s or masking tape to reinforce the surfaces of glass picture frames, mirrors, and screens. The tension created by the tape helps keep these items from breaking during transit.

Layer Up

Many people make the mistake of using a single layer of padding or packaging to protect their valuables or fragile items during transit. However, most professional movers recommend using several layers of protection.

Soften Things Up

You are likely moving your towels, bed linens, shower curtains, clothing, and other soft items with you when you move to your new residence. So, why not use those items to soften the ride for your fragile items?

Label Items Properly

You want your movers and your family and friends to be careful with all your items, but it’s much easier for them to take care with your most fragile items when they know what they are. Label items accordingly, and be sure to label breakables as such.

Do Not Leave Empty Space in Boxes

Leaving too much empty space in your moving boxes is a recipe for movement and breakage. Pack each box properly and ensure no space is wasted.

But Don’t Overpack Boxes, Either

While you shouldn’t leave empty space, be sure your boxes aren’t full to bursting, either. They might become too heavy to move easily or could burst open and break your items.

Fill It Up

Packing hollow or empty items like vases or cookie jars? Fill them with stiff paper to protect them during transit.

Wrap It Up

Have oddly-shaped items? Wrap them instead of boxing them to keep them safe.

Still need help preparing your fragile items for your upcoming move? Contact the professionals at MoveStar Inc. We’ve got the experience you need to make any move a breeze!


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